Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday And Winter Comes Back

Don't forget the GIVEAWAY ending next Monday!

Saturday, high 40's.  Sunday, high 60's.  Today... started in the 20's and high in the low 30's with chance of snow showers.  Bleh.  Ready for the warm weather.

Got my butt out of bed for a trainer ride this morning AND had enough time to get to work "early".  Woo hoo.  Now I'm paying for it.  Little sluggish, especially after my 7 miles yesterday that I decided to throw the weight vest on with 10 extra pounds for kicks and giggles.  That was a burn.  Makes me glad I'm racing 170 this year instead of 180.  Makes a huge difference!

Last Week
Biking : 65.5 miles
Running : 15.5 miles
Swimming : 6300 yards
Total Time : 8:06

Those of you that have "entered" my GIVEAWAY, thanks!  Those of you that have not, what are you waiting for?????

But, I wanted to take a moment to dedicate the remainder of this post to one of the contest comments, because it was quite entertaining.

FROM Martin from Germany.
So I disregard any chances for an entry (did I mention my head is too big for the hat?) Instead I just list what I enjoyed and wanted to do:
Gutten Tag.  That's as much German as I remember from 3 years in high school and a year in college.  Thought I was going over to study for a year in college, but when I realized I was footing the bill 100% and my school was not going to help (kind of a bait and switch), I opted to not have a HUGE debt coming out of college.
 1. I commented on this post - love it from a marketing perspective - you go!
Thanks.  Trying to drum up some following and reward those that read and participate (in a positive way).  I also put a lot of time into the blog and extras so compensation from Examiner (not huge) and my affiliates (could be better) justifies being out there commenting on the sport, sharing my ideas and helping athletes find sponsors.

2. I added you to my blogroll, just because I consider your blog cool. Yet I expect you to link me too on your blog, just because I am straightforward and blunt - which makes me honest, so it's your turn now.
Done and done.  I actually have a LONG list of blogs I follow and just have not had time to get them on the blog roll call.  Coming some time soon but since you called me out, you get first dibs!

3. Subscribed to your Examiner page because I think it's cute.
Cute, that's a new one.  =)

4. Wanted to "like" your examiner page, because I actually really LIKE it - somehow I didnt find the button in facebook. That one definitely counts.
The Examiner page I have on Facebook - link above for Examiner Facebook page.  You can also like my individual articles in Examiner and they will show up in Facebook on your wall as liked.

5. Am willing to contribute to your project by business contacts, but Id prefer that in private convo.
Hit my email at  I know, phishing can read emails from blogs but I've already been added to all the viagra and lottery scams, so what's one more?  I'm always open to ideas so hit me up.

6. If I read Email newletters I might subscribe, but I don't like Email newsletters - I already receive too much Emails.
Unsubscribe to the junk ones you get and sign up for mine!  It's pretty sweet, just ask Christi!

7. I already liked your blog - easy to like it on fb too - done.
Sweet!  Everyone else should, too!

8. am following you on Twitter already but wont retweet :)
I guess one out of two isn't bad.

9. You affiliate Triathlon stores make no sense for me in Germany. When back to the US I will make it first choice once I need stuff.
I bet some of the stores (all online) will ship to Germany.  I do not have much in the way of physical items that I ship, mostly distribution and affiliates.

10. didnt subscribe to daily feed of everymantri - I wont survive all that info.
It's not too bad.  Only 2 to 3 articles per day.

11. I wont post a link to this post in my blog. Because maybe there is a chance for me to win. Why would I want others to have a chance and thus reduce my chances to win? Seriously we are into competition aren't we? *grins*
But, since I'm disregarding your entry, technically you're not in competition so you should tweet, link, post, etc until you're fingers fall off, in my humble opinion.  =)

Thanks for reading!
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