Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Money Money Money

Has anyone else noticed the price of groceries is creeping up?  News here in KC reported as much as 130% increase.  Holy crap!  With trying to eat healthy, that involves eating items not processed as much as others and fresh fruits, etc.  You guys know the drill about eating right and being a triathlete or endurance athlete.  I'll be the first to admit I don't wholly subscribe to eating right all of the time, or even like 70% of the time.  I sneak a Starbucks, cereal bars for a quick boost at work in the morning or afternoon, and ice cream is a big obstacle for me.  But, as a family we try and keep it healthy but with prices going through the roof, it's just not as economical to buy individual ingredients that add up to $20 a meal when you can get a hamburger helper for $5 that serves the same size family.  The economy is not helping the whole health movement to get the majority of the population to move away from obesity.  Maybe if we could make fresh foods as cheap as an instant dinner...

AND gas is not helping either!  This morning the KS news said that $4 per gallon could happen by May.  I believe it.  We shot past $3 here and it's still February.  Want to travel to an event?  Get ready to pay.  My truck doesn't help either.  Motivates me to try and commute on the bike to work more often, but then I could incur some medical expenses when an irate driver is late for work and spilled Starbucks on their lap because they had to slam on the breaks to slow down and lose 5 seconds on the way to work in order to not hit me... what? Ya.

I know these cost of living increases are impacting me and my family and what we can do as far as extracurricular activities.

We have resigned ourselves to eating smaller portions for more leftovers and taking the car with better gas mileage everywhere we can.  When the weather gets to stable and above 50 around here, I'll be hoping to commute more often by bike to work.  Not the end of the world but we find we have to be more intentional with how we do things we took for granted before.

What about you guys?  Make enough money that it's no biggie?  =)
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