Wednesday, June 15, 2011

If in Kansas City, don't use these tree guys!

Masters Tree Care in Kansas City - if you see their card anywhere or an add for them or someone gives you their name, DO NOT USE THEM!

They use bait and switch with pressure sales tactics to sell their services.

They will try and get away with doing as little work as possible.

They will leave your house saying they will come back only to not call and leave harassing sticky notes on your doors.  Then when they finally call they will ask for payment since the guy that sold the service was not the one that performed the work so he has no clue if it was done or not.

They will damage your personal property without telling you in the process of trimming your trees.

Lesson learned - never trust a business card without and address or web site listed.

IMKS report in the works!  Lots of pictures and thoughts to process!  Sorry to keep everyone waiting (story of my life).
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