Friday, July 8, 2011

SMP Tri'ers, Friday traffic - where did everyone go?

So I'm hitting the road at 7am to get to work and what in the world happened to all of the traffic?  Is today some sort of holiday I don't know about?  did I miss daylight savings time?  There was hardly any traffic out there!  Usually at 7am it's pretty tight with a car length between cars, but still moving.  This morning was WIDE OPEN and no problems.  Am I missing something (besides my morning workout)?  My morning commute only took 20 minutes as opposed to 30.  Sweet (not that I'm in a HUGE hurry to get to work but nothing worse than wasting time in traffic).

Body said "you need sleep".  I listened this morning and skipped the planned ride.  We shall see how I end up fitting it in.  Need a long run, too, but I'm not up for getting it in after 11am since the KC temps are 90+ starting around noon.

Good luck to the Shawnee Mission Park triathlon'ers this weekend.  It's been rained out the past 2 years so hopefully you guys break the tradition.  Scotty Tri's and Young Enough to Tri and RobinsonMC, good luck with the dam(n) hill!

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