Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Snoozed less and sprinted into training ride

So, I posted yesterday about acquiring a domain name - http://www.man-versus-triathlon.com/.  If you click it, you are redirected back to my blog.  I was experimenting with changing the blog URL but that seems to be a significant adventure when you have an established blog with a readership.  In time, the Man Vs Triathlon site will be stand alone and link back to this blog.  Stay tuned for future changes.

Got up, a little later than I wanted, and got my 20+ mile sprint ride in.

I had the intentions of getting a run in after for a nice BRIK this morning.  Alarm went off at 3:30 and I was actually aware enough to think "I'll just snooze once and get up".  One snooze turned into 5.  Up at 4:30.  Oops.

It's always a battle but it seems a little less difficult this week.  Yesterday was 5:30 for a recovery pool swim and today was 4:30am for some sprint intervals in the bike.  It's always invigorating to start riding before sun rise and be done after sun rise.  Good stuff.

Tomorrow is a new battle for the "War of the Snooze".  Picture me arm wrestling my alarm clock... and it's winning WITH NO ARMS!

Stats for last week, including Midwest Mayhem Triathlon.
Biking : 65.4 miles
Running : 15 miles
Swimming : 5500 yards
Total Time : 8:18

Lets see if I can top that this week!

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