Thursday, August 11, 2011

Don't be selfish, volunteer at Jackson County Triathlon

Race organizers for one of Kansas City's longest running triathlons needs your help! The Jackson County Triathlon is just over a week away and they need volunteers to make it happen. From intersection monitors to body marking, they can use you. Guys, like to check out the ladies in spandex? Body marking is for you! Ladies, like to watch the guys run around in tight shirts? Transition monitor is for you!

And, from the organizers comes a carrot for you guys. For all you guys out there that have been asking about a discount for the men, they have one for you! They know the times are tough and they do want to help everyone compete in a sport they love. How can you help? They need volunteers for all of our races and with Jackson County Triathlon being one of the largest in the community they need a lot of help to make it happen. If you volunteer you will receive a %50 discount that can be applied toward your next race. This discount can be used for the 2011 Midwest Meltdown Triathlon & Duathlon or any of our 2012 events. Help make this race happen and receive a great discount for the future! They look forward to working with you!!
Visit THEIR SITE to apply!

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