Sunday, August 28, 2011

Jackson County Triathlon behind the scenes

 I posted the recap of this past weekend HERE for the Jackson County Triathlon.

Overall I think it turned out well considering the demands of my personal and endurance schedule.

Once back from IM Boulder, my tri bike sat in the Scicon bag for two weeks and I put the bike back together the Saturday before the race.  The bike worked like a charm and no issues from two flights from KC to Denver!  Count my blessings on that one!

On a sad note, I ran out of Grease Monkey wipes (GMW) in the canister since they are GREAT at getting the bike chain grease off my hands.  Word of advice, get some gloves or GMW!  I planned ahead with the travel packs to Boulder and used the canister up at home.  Sad.

The race was a part of the Man Versus Triathlon project where we had the RD of the race and Push Endurance on board.  Enough cannot be said about the hard work that goes in to directing a triathlon and duathlon and providing a quality supplement.  Yes, there were some issues with the swim course at the race and I will go into that a little deeper when the survey results get published.

As always my routine included Sockguy socks, Push Endurance, Fluid Recovery mixed with my crack chocolate milk, Skin Strong Slather.

I'd also like to point out that you always need to be prepared.  Bring your wetsuit because you never know!  I ALWAYS pack the trusty XTERRA suit no matter what time of year it is.  Just goes to show you that in August in Kansas City, the water CAN be wetsuit legal.  I'm a firm believer in the extra edge a wetsuit can give you and I never reach 35th out of 253... NEVER!  With over half the field not wearing suits, I had the advantage that day!

And I never forget the TMAT pro.  It's been invaluable in helping me find my bike every time.

It was also cool to finally meet twitter and blog stalker ScottyTris.  We had been missing each other at a few races but finally met up where he promptly blew past me on the race course.  All the more motivation for next season.  He's working hard for a half ironman in the fall and they way he is going, it shouldn't be a problem.  As he put it on his race report post "The remainder of the 45 minutes went quickly as I bumped into a bunch of peeps, including Travis (and his friend Michael who just completed his first triathlon!) and Mark from Twitter. Mark has a blog I follow as well. No.. not that Mark. ".  So many people, so little time.  It's also weird to be referred to by my twitter name when being introduced...

So there you have some of the behind the scenes junk.  It takes a lot to pull off a race and it helps when you have good sponsors and partners on board.

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