Thursday, August 11, 2011

Recovery after Ironman Boulder

So I got on the "horse" and rode 20 miles this morning.  I was worried since I had some hamstring inflammation from IM Boulder.  My goal was to get out there and loosen up the legs and no real time or speed goals.  Mission successful.

Plus, how about this Kansas City weather!  It was low 70's and LOW humidity!  It was almost chilly!  I had to ride with a long sleeve dry fit shirt.  Glorious!

Swam Tuesday and rode this morning.  I'm easing into it, but with Man Versus Triathlon on the horizon, long course triathlon, marathon and an off-road race within a month of each other, I'm needing a fast recovery time.

My body has responded well to Monday and Wednesday off and a massage from my man Kent.  Hamstrings were fine for this morning's 20 miler so we shall see how they hold up for an 18 mile run this weekend.  Good times!

Check it out!  One of my articles made it to!
HERE is the version.
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Notice some editorial changes.  =)  It's still mostly my work, though.
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