Thursday, August 4, 2011

Swimming tools of the training trade

So in the latest installments in my inbox, I saw THIS article about swim paddles.

I'm all about swim paddles.  I think my form is credible enough I'm not doing damage by using them and I strike a good balance of incorporation and not over using.

The article substantiates the use by saying "Putting paddles on a swimmer who has technical issues (i.e. dropped elbows, bi-lateral imbalance in their hand entry, crossing the center line, a lack of feel for the catch and inability to anchor that catch) may not be in their best interest until some of the technical deficiencies are corrected."  Understandable.

What even better is they recommend the paddles I use!  The Speedo Contour!  SWEET!  I MUST be on the right track, right?

Paddles, two thumbs up!

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