Monday, September 19, 2011

Numbers from last week

So it's been a while since I've been reporting on "training" numbers.  Since these days are spent keeping some fitness instead of ramping up for events, I've been keeping track but no need to stay on top of the numbers like I had been during the season.

I'm signing up for the KC 1/2 marathon in October, but it's more of a carrot to keep running in the fall than a target race.  I debated the full marathon but I've already raced the North Face marathon and I think I'm good with one marathon this year.  =)

Last week's numbers:
Biking - mix of outside and trainer - 39 miles
Running - 20 miles
Swimming - 3200 yards
Total time - 6:54

I think my body has enjoyed the throttling down of workload even though my mind my not appreciate it as much.

Fall brings cooler temps, mountain biking and FOOTBALL!  Not much to be excited about with KU losing horribly to Gerogia Tech and Chiefs losing to Detriot 48-3.  I used to be super die hard Chiefs fan, and I'm still a fan, but with endurance sports and a family, it's taken on a better balance and my weekend isn't ruined with a crappy Chiefs game.  We watched some at Applebees after church and then I watched the rest when the kiddos went down for a nap at home.  Glad I was doing bills and not plopped on the couch watching the game only.

Tony Moeaki - tight end - out for ACL
Eric Berry - safety - out for knee
Jamaal Charles - running back - out for knee

The hits keep on coming!

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