Monday, September 26, 2011

Pumpkins, long runs and fall, oh my

If you live in Kansas City, I bet you would agree the weather is FRICKIN awesome!  Highs in the mid 70's, sunny... just pleasant overall.

It gave us some time for a pumpkin run, time for a long run and some yard work, sweet.

Have you ever tried to combine errands with training?  I did Saturday as we needed more printer ink for our latest shopping ventures.  I had a 12 mile run scheduled and I knew I'd be out a while and Em would be without ink.  The world would end as we know it.  So, instead of jumping in the car and driving over, I ran over to Wally World.  I took the long route there, got the ink, ran a shorter route home, dropped off the ink and finished out the last 4.5 miles.

It actually worked out well to stop by home after 7.5 miles.  For some reason my energy level plummeted and I needed a quick peanut butter snack boost.  I ate some breakfast and a gel before the run but I was crashing on the way back home.  Good timing.  AND, Wal Mart was a timely potty stop as well.  Worked out on all counts.

I kept a 8:45 pace (slower than race pace) and felt pretty good.  I think I could have pushed 8:00 pace for the 12 miles if I was going to push it.  Here's why I've been feeling fresher:
  1. More sleep.  I've been sleeping in on the weekends and training some at night to get a complete night of sleep.  Ya, it's jacked up my morning workouts, but I've been getting more rest, for the most part.
  2. While I have been swimming and biking, it's more maintenance mode for now.  I have some half marathons slated this fall and early spring (Man Vs Heartland 39.3), but no multisport events, yet.  Fresher legs for runs when I'm not biking 80+ miles a week.
Pumpkin time!  We are that goofy family that get all geeked up for fall.  Football, pumpkins, holidays.. bring it on.  We ventured out to a local patch out at Liberty, MO.  I say "patch" in the sense they took a corn field, mowed it down, and imported pumpkins.  Either their crop was slim or they are just a pumpkin patch in name only.  We may hit another one up to have the real experience of cutting your melon off the vine yourself!
Ew, sand!

Did you bring the train tickets, Daddy?


Mmmmm kettle corn

As I posted Saturday, Em found a new passion.  Saving lots of money!  I didn't think she could make it completely work.

I know exactly how much stuff that really is as I spent a lot of Sunday trying to find places to put it in our basement until we make our next donation run.

Scary thing is, she thinks she can do better!  We are looking at a week or so and having another run.  Stay tuned to me on twitter ( and I will keep you posted real time!

ALSO!  If you are interested in helping us get products to donate, please sign up for my email newsletter (link under my profile picture) and I will drop my address in the next newsletter this week so that you can send us your coupons.  The more coupons we have, the more we can get to donate.

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