Friday, September 23, 2011

Workouts, Pumpkins, Big 12 and more

As I posted about before, I'm having a difficult time making the AM workout schedule.  The combination of not keeping a consistent wake up time, cooler temps and just being plain worn out from everything else has resulted in sleeping in and trying to get workouts in at other times.

Luckily this week I was 2 for 3 on planned AM workouts.

New little title here.  I only have the KC 1/2 marathon on the agenda for the rest of 2011.  I'm not too concerned with being able to accomplish the distance.  I may try for a PR or I may just set in for a comfortable pace and aim for a good race day.  I think I'll take stock how I feel race morning.

The rest of my workouts are not aimed at "training" for a race but maintaining a level of fitness through winter before 2012 season is upon us.  Not trying to jump ahead but also trying to keep focus on not forgetting biking and swimming over the winter.

But, this week I had planned to swim with a masters group Wednesday morning, but I compensated by riding my bike home after work and to work Thursday morning.  This morning I hit some treadmill sprints and swam a quick 1500.  I will probably miss a run for the week as I need my long run this weekend and I don't want to run myself into the ground running too many days in a row.  2 for 3 isn't half bad.

So we are eyeing some pumpkin patches this weekend.  In the past we had a patch by Lawrence we would hit, then we found Carolyn's in Liberty, MO, then another patch in south MO and now the KC pumpkin patch in Gardner... we are debating to hit just one or spread it out and make the rounds.

That's the beauty about having kids (besides a couple other reasons).  You have a good excuse to really enjoy the "holidays" by adding extra trips for pumpkins!

Big 12
As you may have guessed reading some posts here, I'm a huge KU fan.  They are in the somewhat defunct Big 12 (with only 9 teams).  Things were not looking good until yesterday when Dan Beebe resigned and Texas and OU stayed and the Big 12 keeps limping along.  The Big 12 lives on, but I'm tired of facing the question of will the league keep on yearly now.  C'mon, crap or get off the pot!
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