Monday, October 17, 2011

Push Endurance #giveaway starting 10/17/11

Push Endurance has teamed with Man Vs Triathlon to bring you a GREAT giveaway!

Here's a little about Push Endurance.
  • At Push Endurance, we’re all about performance, specifically, muscle performance. Strong muscles work harder, go further and last longer, powering every step, rep or push of the pedal. Overuse and poor recovery between training sessions weaken muscles. When this happens, performance suffers and injuries occur. You don’t achieve the results you’ve trained so hard for.
  • Introducing Push Recovery - one of the best workout recovery drinks in the market. Designed to increase muscle endurance during exercise and decrease muscle recovery time after exercise, Push Recovery allows athletes to train more often to help them reach their athletic goals sooner. Make each training session more effective and your next competition your personal best with Push Recovery!
  • To read more about the science behind Push Endurance, read more HERE.
Cross Bike Review reviews Push Endurance!
  • "For myself the number of bottles of supplements I have on my counter just got a whole lot smaller they are being replaced with PUSH RECOVERY. Get PUSHED into something better!"
See the full review HERE.

Ryan Falkenrath reviews Push Endurance!
  • "Personally, when I take in nutrition via fluid of solids, my system can be picky. I didn't have to "push" Push down to keep it down. It delivers nutrition as advertised and is a quality addition to the endurance supplement market."
See the full review HERE.

Now that you are up to speed with Push Endurance, here's how you can get your hands on some, FOR FREE!

There will be something given away EACH of the next 5 DAYS!

Day 1 Prize - Push Endurance T-shirt
Day 2 Prize - 1 Canister of Push Endurance
Day 3 Prize - 1 Canister of Push Endurance
Day 4 Prize - 1 Canister of Push Endurance
Day 5 Prize - 1 Canister of Push Endurance

How do you get in?  Easy.
  1. Follow Push Endurance on twitter @PushEnduranceAND tweet "Just entered @PushEndurance giveaway!  It's GREAT! #PushEndurance".  If you already follow push, all you need to do is tweet.
  2. Like Push Endurance on FACEBOOK AND comment about what was your most difficult physical challenge you ever did!  If you already like Push Endurance, all you need to do is comment!
Winners announced at the end of each day!  GET IN THERE!
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