Thursday, October 20, 2011

Riding to work observations

Since the wife and I had a hot date to check out the new Kansas City performing arts center, and she picked me up from work to go downtown, we left my truck at work. I decided to ride the bike back to work yesterday morning and get some miles in.

Low and behold this is the beginning of a little cold front for fall and it was 35 degrees for the ride to work. Oumph. Riding to work with 3 layers, cold and in the dark, I had a few observations. Allow me to share.
  • It’s time to recall some advice about cold weather training HERE. Layers is the key. Somewhere I lost my thick riding gloves (work gloves that work for riding). I used some mountain biking gloves and headsweat glove covers and it sufficed. But, I had an under armor shirt, long sleeve tech shirt, riding jacket, under armor tights, pearl izumi riding tights, balaclava (not baklava) and shoe covers with hand warmers in by the toes. I was just barely warm enough to make the hour ride in.
  • Is it just me or after working out in the cold… you’re cold all day? My fingers are freezing and my toes aren’t much better. I need some hot chocolate and/or starbucks pumpkin spice latte, STAT!
  • Why do runners insist on wearing dark clothes and run in the street when there are perfectly good sidewalks available at o’dark thirty in the morning? If you ask me, you’re tempting fate.
  • It’s a nice feeling when you have a desk job to sit down and “relax” after riding to work.
  • Some drivers just do not pay attention, but we already knew that. I’m glad I did as someone pulled out in front of me, but I was already on the breaks slowing down expecting him to be an idiot.
  • I might complain about being cold, but fall and cooler temps are the best time of year!
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