Tuesday, November 8, 2011

#Ruckus rope burn, www.RevGym.co oh my!

It’s been nice with the shift in daylight savings time, I’ve been able to capitalize on the time shift and get my ass out of bed for morning workouts! Sunday 6am run, check. Tuesday X-camp class before work, check.

Also, check out my beautiful healing rope burn from Ruckus this past weekend! Sweet!

Thanks to John at RevGym for telling me this morning, "you didn't wear long socks like I told you, did you?"  No... since I don't remember you telling me that!  Do'h!

With events drying up for the remainder of the year and finances going to Christmas budgets, the only motivation to stay on top of fitness is my internal drive. I’m sure a lot of you know the struggle that can happen at 4:30am when you alarm goes off to get out of bed and get a workout in before work. The tough choice… sleep in your nice warm bed until the sun comes up, or pull yourself out by your bootstraps and plop your butt on your bike, treadmill or gym equipment… or more difficult, dress in 5 layers to brave the fall/winter temps for a workout outside.

Sure, some are hardcore and it’s no big deal, but to most of us, it’s a daily struggle. Hopefully I can reverse my trend of not being able to keep up with morning workouts and get the ship righted.

Since I found RevGym and their X-camp class, I have new found motivation for strength training that gets me more than traditional weight lifting. Dynamic and high intensity routines that are never the same. It’s muscle confusion and a great combination of strength and endurance training. Now, I just have to find ways to make up for two mornings that would otherwise be dedicated to biking, swimming or running. I hate using lunches, but it may come to that.

Now… to see if I can get masters swimming at 5:30am tomorrow….

Last week’s numbers;
Biking – 15 miles (woefully low)
Running – 18.65 miles
Swimming – 6500 yards
Total time – 6:08 hours

My weekend was filled with Ruckus Kansas City, family fun night, 9.5 mile run and 5 hours of moving a kid’s play set from a coworkers house to mine. It was its own cross training for endurance and strength. It was low intensity, but I was toast after we got it semi assembled. It was free so I was on it like stink on my workout clothes, but the catch was I had to load it and take it home and re-assemble it. No small task. Luckily it’s all at our house, but I ran out if time to get it back together Sunday. With daylight savings switch, it’s no longer light after work, so I will have to wait til this weekend and fit it in somewhere. Time will tell.

Also… the big 4 is coming up. No, this isn’t what’s left of the Big 12 after MU went to the SEC… it’s 4 years since I somehow convinced my wife it was a good idea to marry me. HA! Fooled her! I’m sure I’m in over my head being married with two small kids, but I find time to race events, write and keep my job. Luckily my wife has put up with me as my passion for endurance sports has grown and made time for me to in what I needed for me when she could. I’m sure I’m overly selfish, but I like to think I appreciate her enough to make up for it. But, being a guy, and as guys often do, I probably don’t show it enough. So we will be celebrating 4 years this weekend and hopefully I can show her a little appreciation!

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