Thursday, November 17, 2011

@PummaRunning Velosis 3 in depth

If you're like me, we always had my eye on Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Asics and the "standard" and "traditional" running shoes.  Neutral, stability, and motion control are always on our minds when we go out for running shoes.  Personally, I had to stay away from Nike and Reebok as the support types they had didn't fit my feet.  I also find Nike's have been increasingly uncomfortable for running and just every day shoes.  Am I wrong?

After 30+ years of going through shoes, I found that the Asics Gel 1100 series shoes fit the best.  Not the GT's or extra stability, but the middle of the road with some support, some motion control and light cushion.

That was, until I stumbled on to Puma.  I always thought of Puma as the fashion shoe rather than function.  They had a comeback a few years ago as the trendy every day shoe for fashion.  But, have you looked at their running shoes?  While they maintain their visual appeal, they are surprisingly well thought out.

While Puma is partnering with MvT for Man Vs Heartland 39.3, they have sent a couple of running shoes to try out.  The staple of the road running shoe is the Velosis 3.  I've been on a few long runs, sprint and hill workouts on treadmills and worn them around for general use chasing kids and grocery getting.

It's a different shoe than I'm used to.  The full-length ldCELL and heel duoCELL come across mildly rigid when you are first breaking in the shoe.  I was a little hesistant when it came for the long run.  Fear of blisters and heel pain raced through my mind, but I was pleasantly rewarded for my courage to strap on a new shoe and take it for a spin.

The OrthoLite Sockliner was plush and comfortable without the "cramped" feeling in the shoe.  My feet stayed cool, yet comfortable and I came away with no less discomfort than my staple running shoes.

The Everfoam in the heel also offers great support without being too rigid.  I for one, have to be careful these days of plantar fasciitis.  Spending the day at work in business dress shoes (with inserts for support) and then jumping on the feet for training, I'm very susceptible to heel pain.  I'm very careful to stretch and work with my man Kent at TK Therapy to keep the heel at bay.

The heel duoCELL does hit the pavement sooner than I'm used to.  It took a few wears to get used to the different feel of the foot strike to the ground.  Yes, I'm a heel striker... shocking considering I'm prone to heel pain and what not, right?  I attempt to mitigate my heel striking behavior and after a couple of more runs with the Velosis 3, it's improving.

The main drawback, as with any quality running shoe, is cost.  The Velosis 3 is the best that Puma has, and you pay for what you get.  They sport the Ventis 2 and Veris as less costlier options, but you will experience a mild reduction in enhancements that the Velosis 3 brings to the table.

I'll be putting the Velosis through the paces this winter and will continue to post about my experience with these shoes!

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