Friday, December 2, 2011

Is this broken? KC loses a good man. Spot light on some KC peeps.

Most of us Triathletes do other things besides swimming, biking and running...
And that is usually a good thing.  It's good to have a variety of interest in life.  It's good to get out and do athletic activities that incorporate muscles that move you side to side and other directions you wouldn't normally move when swimming, biking or running.

But, sometimes like Big Ben slamming his crotch rocket motorcycle into a Mercedes, some things seem like a good idea at the time.  Sure, professional athletes are now having to sign contracts with clauses to avoid stupid activities like sky diving and riding motorcycles, but what fun is that?  Just ask Kellen Winslow.

No, I'm not a pro athlete, so yes, I partake in "dangerous" recreational activities.  Indoor Soccer.  Dangerous beyond belief when you play in a coed rec league against girls that have some talent and way too much aggression.

You get kicked in the foot.  You get bruised toes.  I don't think they are broken, but they don't feel great.

Ignore the other nasty toenails!

Kansas City weather forecaster Don Harman leaves us after 11 years...
I wrote a little tribute article to Don Harman.  He committed suicide Tuesday night after a battle with depression.  He was my morning co-pilot in the basement while getting my morning workouts on.  I'll miss him even though I didn't know him in person.

When life hands you lemons...
Kate Snyder made lemonade and continues to struggle with JRA.  She was a nominee for Inspired America on  She is up for nomination to be one of 25 people to be voted on for top person to inspire America.  She was diagnosed at age 17 and the future was in doubt, but she and her family made her dream of swimming at a D 1 school a reality.
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