Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Managing it all when it all comes back up... and @SIXNUTRITION

So with managing family, work, life and trying to be a competent triathlete in the off season, it's not easy.
Add in a puky 1 year old last night and the morning workout gets scratched.  If I remember right, we went to bed at 10:30pm and I woke back up at 11:15pm to the sounds of a crying 1 year old.  I think Em was up earlier with him... it's all fuzzy.  Then at some point Em brought him in for me to manage while she cleaned up his bed from yarf and then he proceeded to make a gurgle noise and started barfing.  Luckily from the 3 year old, I know what that gurgle means and I leaned him over the side of the bed so at least it's just the carpet and not where we have to sleep.  Learned that from the 3 year old letting her lay down with us when she didn't feel good, and she proceeded to barf on our sheets, blankets and pillows; rendering her and our bed out of commission at 3am.

So after another round of barf, I handed him back off to clean our floor and the corner of the bed he projected on.  We washed sheets, clothes and towels and I passed back out.

Woken up at 3:30am to Em tapping out for the puke fest.  Luckily he just needed repositioning in his bed and was satisfied playing with some musical stuffed animals and chilling.  So I went back to bed to get up at 6  to go to work, skip go and skip the am workout.

Sometimes the best laid plans don't account for barf.

The week that was in workouts...
Last week was a decent week.  I think I hit on most of my workouts.  Nice long run with the Puma Bolt Faas 400's.  Oddly, I was always a little skeptical about light weight running shoes.  Through a 13 and 10 mile long run so far, they have held up their side of the deal.  Color me impressed.  Read my take HERE.

Totals last week:
BIKING - 47 miles
RUNNING - 16.25
SWIMMING - 3000 yards
TOTAL TIME - 07 : 32

Nutrition is key...
Em has been helping me with nutrition.  I'm somewhat oblivious when it comes to amino acids, glutamine or whatever else I'm suppose to be taking extra of.  She set me up with a plan based on my activity level and weight.  Well... if you can't get the pills in at least an hour before an intense workout, it's going to haunt you.  That and there are a LOT of pills in this plan.

Well, I got in touch with SIX Nutrition.  They have pretty much everything we were trying to get in for my plan minus some extra glucosamine that Em recommends I add.

Check them out.  I'll be giving them a run for the next month and we shall see how it shapes up.

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