Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Treadmill and gym manners and a birthday!

It's a birthday around these parts!
Did we celebrate with a huge elaborate party?  No.
Did we buy some absurdly expensive and huge cake?  No.
Did we blow the budget on gifts?  No.
Did we light some candles and sing "Happy Birthday"?  No.
Do we love this birthday boy?  Yes.
Why no huge celebration?  He's a dog.  =)
Yes, I know some people love their dogs like their kids, but we try to maintain a healthy balance of "you're the pet, I'm the human".  They get fed well, played with, walked, ran with if they act right and petted by the kids.  We did splurge and give them a pile of doggy treats for the occasion.  Yes, that's a big deal when your 80 pound labs have bad gas due to those not-so-natural-but-oh-so-tasty-to-dog treats.  So, we let er rip.  RJ is the black lab and he's 5 as of today.  Oh how time flies.

Tis the season for workouts at the gym...
With some time off from work, the fam and I hit the local 24 hour fitness for some workin' out.  Treadmill sprints followed by some weight training was on tap.

As soon as I pulled up to the 'mil, I noticed the next guy was done and left... no wiping down, no apparent concern for the public consumption of workout equipment.  Ew.  Wipe it down, even if you didn't sweat on it.  Please.

The other guy next to me just got back from his smoke break.  Stale cigarette odor while running sprint intervals is NOT next to godliness.  Do we need a smoking section at the gym?

The locker room... sweat, showers and naked people air drying.  Most gyms don't understand that the small little benches that would seat 3, but span 10 locker rows, don't work well at peak times.  More benches please so I don't have to move my gear to a corner to change and shower since oblivious guy spread his gear across the bench and another older nice guy sits naked on the shower entrance bench, prepping for hose down.

It's common courtesy people, and it seems to be dwindling in society in general.  Am I alone in this thought?

Anyway, don't read into my little "rant" as a Debbie Downer, they were just my observations at the gym since we all know "New Year's Resolution" Squad is quickly approaching a gym near you.  We had a great workout overall and it was nice to get a session in as a family.
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