Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Who turned on the fast forward?

So Christmas came and went so fast... I have whiplash.
It seems like only yesterday we were thinking, "when are we going to head to the pumpkin patch and get some pumpkins for Halloween?"  Suddenly it was Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas before you had time to pull your pants up in the morning and brush your teeth.

I'm sure tacking on training before work or during lunch, working 9 to 10 hours a day and then having 2 young children at home has nothing to do with time moving so fast.  I remember when I was a kid, it was all I could do to pass the boredom of waiting to open Christmas presents and then sit around a play with them for hours on end until school started back up.

Now, it's all I can do to balance the checkbook and pay the bills before I have to go back to work after the holidays.

Has anyone found the secret to slowing down time?  It seems we are all obsessed with working and doing out job to make ends meet, that we work ourselves to retirement and miss out on opportunities to sit back and enjoy it.  Maybe it's just me.

Training, what training?
I'm cheating and counting Monday's 10 mile run as last week.  Otherwise, last week was anemic with the flu on Thursday and Christmas on Sunday, and I took Monday as a rest day.  I'm hoping to make this week count with taking most of the week off from work, I should be able to get in some good runs and rides.  Weather is looking good for a possible outside ride.  We shall see if the stars align and allow me to get on the pavement with the bike.

Maybe I can get in some quick 20 minute workouts I found HERE.

Last week's totals:
BIKING - 52 miles
RUNNING - 16 miles
SWIMMING - 1500 yards
TOTAL TIME - 06:29

Hoping to start the upward trend on time.  =)
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