Friday, January 6, 2012

Reality check and Ruckus KC

Honestly, who throws a shoe?

Well, maybe not a shoe, but who steals a toiletry bag?  Honestly?  Seriously?
Somehow in the course of changing for a treadmill run and then changing for a swim at my 24 hour fitness, someone either purposely or absentmindedly took my toiletry bag.  Probably about $50 worth of stuff when you add it all up and a pain in the butt to collect all the stuff up again around the house to have something to get ready for work after a workout at the gym.

My lock was locked every time and nothing else was missing but my towel.  A guy 4 lockers down found my towel in the locker next to him.  So did someone take my gear thinking it was theirs and just jammed it into a locker when they figured out it wasn't theirs?  Was someone being an ass and hiding my stuff?  Or, did someone need a used razor and toothbrush that bad?  I checked every open locker and nada.  Really?  Someone at that gym knows what happened.  Maybe it turns up today?  Annoying no matter how you slice it.

Ruckus KC is on tap for MVT in 2012!
Ruckus KC is on tap for Man Vs Triathlon again for 2012!  Come join the fun as we tackle obstacles and hopefully get really muddy again!  I know one key factor I will change in 2012 is wearing HIGH SOCKS!

If you live near KC, sign up asap!  Price goes up at midnight tonight!

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