Monday, February 6, 2012

Jayhawks lose, Giants win, friend is on suicide watch

So I have a friend that breathes Kansas Basketball, Chiefs football AND Patriots Football...
So with the Chiefs kind of sucking the past few years, he's turned his attention to the Patriots since they actually have a chance to do something.  Think of his utter dismay when the Jayhawks lost to Missouri by 3 Saturday night after suffering a 11-0 run to end the game and then his beloved Pats fall to the Giants in the Super Bowl.  He's in suicide watch as I type this...

After a solid 9.5 hours in week of training, I was able to keep the momentum going...
BIKING - 50 miles
RUNNING - 18.5 miles
SWIMMING - 4600 yards
TOTAL TIME - 08 : 01

I need to get in more riding, but I'm happy with the increase in swimming to get back to speed and staying up with the running to capatilize on the PR from my last 10k.

This weekend brought some stomach issues.  I'm not sure if it's stress unduced from some outside issues, something I ate or something I am eating.  Tums has been my friend, but I'm still able to get the workouts in.  Hopefully this passes SOON!

I must admit my wife and I are enjoying the new gym.  More to come on that and all of the additional offerings it has that makes training with a family MUCH more feasible!
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