Monday, February 13, 2012

Week that was in training and some tips

If you can get a gym within 3 miles of your house and has child care for most of their open hours... jump on it!
Nothing has been more beneficial to my training or general fitness than becoming a member of a gym that has convenience written all over it.
  1. If we are at home over the weekend, we can grab the kids and be to the gym in 15 minutes (7 to 8 minutes of travel time).
  2. We can work out as a family... sort of.  The kids have a fun area where they can run around and Em and I can get our workout on.  It limits the number of times we have to alternate who works out and who watches kids and that dance.  Around 2 hours all told to get kids, go to gym, workout and get back home.  Then, it's all done for the day and we can focus on fun and chores around the house.
  3. If we want, we can meet up after work and it works out great to have the person that gets this kids first get them and head to the gym and we all meet up there.  Get the workout on and get home.
  4. We still have a few issues when the kids area gets full, but out of 3 weeks, we only had that issue once.
Lets look at the numbers:
BIKING - 52 miles
RUNNING - 21 miles
SWIMMING - 5800 yards
TOTAL TIME - 09:52 hours

They are getting there!  Running and swimming are looking pretty good while I'm able to get two strength sessions in a week.  Works well not to bulk up, but to keep strength up and protect against injuries.

I do want to pick up the bike miles.  Last week, I had issues towards the end of the week getting up for an AM trainer ride.  I'd like to get 70 to 90 a week starting now on to bring up the bike splits from last year.

Lord knows I won't be getting it in outside since it's suddenly winter in Kansas City!  We are forecasted to end up with 4 inches of snow with a nice ice crust topping when it's all over.  We have been pampered by 50 degree days around here and look to get back to them by the end of the week!

Have a good week and hope winter is treating you right!
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