Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The week that was, last week and some numbers

Last week saw the start of the racing season with the Groundhog Run in Kansas City.
It's always a good event and has its share of shortcomings, but overall it's money.  It was nice to get a PR by two minutes and time will tell if that will be a theme for the year.  If you are around and have the means, get in there and run it!

Last year sort of hit a lull after Ironman Kansas as worked picked up and summer was in full swing.  I didn't perform like I wanted to at Ironman Boulder 70.3 and I definitely didn't have the training volume I was looking for.  I wonder if I can do it all and still stay with the training....?  =)

Speaking of training, lets look at the numbers.
BIKING - 35 miles, do'h, fail
SWIMMING - 8300 yards, sweet!
RUNNING - 18.3 miles, includes Groundhog Run
TOTAL TIME -09:26 - in that is 2 hours of strength work here and there

I'm definitely happy with the time I was able to put in.  I wish it was more related to continuous volume and long sessions as most of it was broken up to when I could get the training in.  You take what you can get when it's not your full time job, right MACCA?

Coming up next besides the super bowl...
Super Bowl Sunday means one thing... Kansas Basketball is my only viewing option for sports until NFL pre-season after this weekend.  Even at that, KU most of the time fails me in the tourney and leaves me with plenty of free time to train.. or something like that.

My next event could be an indoor tri at my new gym (more on them later) or an off-road duathlon in Lawrence, KS.  I need to check out what the family schedule looks like to see if either make sense to fit in.

Up after that is the Heartland 39.3 series.  Very excited about this.  It will be interesting to see how I stack up as they have filled 400 spots for the series sign up.

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