Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Last week by the heart rate

So in my effort to train more efficiency with heart rate, I give you some training by heart rate!
It's not exactly easy to go by heart rate.  You have to notice if your heart rate is spiking and slow down quickly and reaction is delayed by your body.  You can't plug in the headphones and rock out and zone out.

If any of you out there have trained to heart rate, you know what I'm talking about.  I rode like a snail and ran like a turtle last weekend.  It's nice in the fact I'm not shredded and can function, but it does draw out workouts to take longer than they did in the past.

Check out some data from the training:

Long Ride

Long Run

BIKING - 67 miles
RUNNING - 20 miles
SWIMMING - 2500 meters - sad I only got one swim in last week!
TOTAL MILES - 90 miles
TOTAL TIME - 09 : 29

I wanted a strong week in prep for a recovery / rest week and God's Country off road duathlon is coming this weekend.  It's more for fun, but I don't want to over-train and then race and hurt myself.  My left knee has noticed the added outside riding and needs a rest week, which hopefully I'm hitting the pool a lot this week and lessening the impact training.

Hope everyone else is having a good week of training.

Anyone else working with heart rate training and can verify sticking to it will improve your racing?
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