Thursday, March 29, 2012

Training numbers and what's to come

It's been a busy week!
Kansas is in the Final Four.
Raced God's Country Duathlon last weekend.
Ruckus Kansas City is coming this weekend.
Easter is coming up.
The yard has come back to life!
I still have to work the day job and try to help with the kids!
ALSO, don't forget the Recovery e21 giveaway!

I won't tell you which, but sometimes not everything gets covered...

As far as training and events go...
Last week's off road long course duathlon was a relative success.  I came away not more "injured" than I started and had a pretty good time.  Em attempted to tame the two kiddos while I raced and for the most part, everyone stayed in one piece.  Wee Man developed a raging ear infection that was in full force that morning and we didn't realize it until we got there.  He wasn't exactly happy, but he made it.

I have a write up coming of the race, but HERE are the results and HERE is my review of the event.

The main theme was some knee problems from a track run in trail shoes.  It's not 100%, but I wore a knee brace and vowed to throttle it down if it became an issue.  Luckily after a quarter mile into the first run, it warmed up and I didn't have any issues.

Coming up is Ruckus Kansas City obstacle course.  Later today I will publish a discount code to use, but if you are on my email list, you already got one.  Online registration is closed, but walk up is still available.

Training numbers:
BIKING - 31.7 - includes duathlon and a rest week
RUNNING - 10 miles - includes duathlon and some elliptical work when the knee was flaring up
SWIMMING - 7650 yards - got my 3 swims in which was great!
TOTAL MILES - 47.4 miles
TOTAL TIME - 07 : 43

It wasn't a huge week, but it was a much needed rest week and I wanted to taper a little for the duathlon.  Plus, the knee thing was a good indicator for a rest week.

Kansas has made it to the Final Four and I'm writing about it!
Check out my examiner page for what I write about Kansas.  Sign up to get my articles in your inbox when I write them!  I'm writing about everything from the KU-UNC "rivalry" to profiles on past and present players.

It's an exciting time to be a Kansas fan!

Spring brings rabbits and grass!
Mowing the yard and keeping the grass alive adds another dimension into home life that can be a stressor on already pinched time.  Luckily with the switch in daylight savings time, there's more light to mow during the week.  Just as long as it does not get in the way of The Challenge and the Pauly D Project... it's all good.

I did find an early Easter bunny while mowing.  More specifically we found some baby bunnies hiding in a hole in the yard.  They made a break for it when I was trimming around the house.  I think there may have been 4, but one slipped into the back yard with the dogs before I could round him up.  I'm not saying the dog ate him, but I could not find him or any proof on the dogs they had a bunny snack.  We put them back in the hole when I was done mowing.  I would hate to have them not survive, but I also don't want more adult rabbits creating holes in my yard and eating the plants Em planted... torn.

It's been a busy week and more to come...
With spring comes races, yard work and oh ya the job and kids are still there.
Life has been at a frantic pace this week and stay tuned for more product reviews, race reviews and Kansas propaganda!
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