Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Training survives another busy week!

It was a jam packed week with starting a new gig, but got most of it in...

I reached my 3 for 3 goals with biking and running, but the total miles aren't what I'd like to see.  Swimming is hard to come by since me local gym has a masters swim every MWF in the AM and every T TH in the PM.  That would work great, but the only AM X-camp classes are T TH at 5:45... see how that causes problems?  =)  I'm sure I will get it figured out.  Just need to get a swim in this week SOMEWHERE.

We tried taking the kiddos to the track so Em could run with the Boy in a stroller and R2 could ride her bike.  Fail as the track was too large so R2 was losing sight of us, it was getting dark and both kids were getting hungry.  Hopes of 3 to 4 miles turned into 1.6 miles.  Oh well, live and learn.

I would not be denied a long run Sunday.  Em had some back issues so once she was set with meds, I loaded up the kids for the gym and a 10 mile date with the track.  It's 1/8 of a mile for one lap.  That's 80 laps for those of you keeping track at home.  I planned on the IPOD and FOOTPOD to allow me to zone out and get it done.  That would have worked well had I remembered my shoes with the FOOTPOD on it and my gym bag with the IPOD headphones.


Ever count out 80 laps on a track?  Break it into 8 laps per mile and hit the lap button on your Garmin.  You get your time and you can keep track with your laps.  There's no way to keep track of lap 67 or 68 or 86... that's just insane.  Not to mention I ran it with trail shoes... what I grabbed as I left the house thinking my running shoes with the FOOTPOD were in my bag, which they were... in a different car.  Oy.

RUNNING - 14.63 - due to failure with kids at the track, lesson learned.
BIKING - 54 miles - one workout was hills, so I'm ok with the low miles.
SWIMMING - 2.17 miles - two workouts in... need more.
TOTAL MILES - 71 miles
TOTAL TIME - 07:03

This week looks promising with some 50 degree days and a pattern to the new day job starting to form.  I'm not complaining about a low profile winter, but I'm also wondering where we are going to pay for this down the road?  Late 2 foot snow fall in April?  125 degree days in August?  Time will tell...
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