Thursday, April 19, 2012

The numbers game

I haven't posted on my training volume lately, so I thought I'd throw it out there...
With the races firing off these days with God's Country Du, Ruckus KC, Rock the Parkway and Kansas Half marathon this Sunday, my posts have been more centered on races, previews and recaps.

I thought it would be interesting to open the door on how I'm training while doing these events.

Mainly, I focus training around the A races.
Rock the Parkway Half Marathon
Kansas City Triathlon
IMKS 70.3
Maybe KC Marathon or NFEC 50K - not sure after IM KS.

The rest I treat similar to training runs.  I'll strive for my target volume for the week, but structure the workouts to have a small or rest day before an event.

Like last week, I spaced out my long bike ride for Friday morning and did a small trainer ride Saturday morning.  That way I was somewhat recovered from the long ride for the run Sunday.

Last week looked like this:
BIKING - 77.5 miles
RUNNING - 19.15 - includes half marathon race
SWIMMING - 5475 yards
TOTAL MILES - 99.8 - soooo close to 100...
TOTAL TIME - 08:33

While I'm happy with the miles, I would like to see double digits in time.  That would have been inflated if the half was at 77% heart rate pace.  That would have easily been 2 hours instead of 1:37.

I've also had my issues getting up for morning workouts.  It still gets pretty cool at night, so by the time the alarm goes off, you've been just under sheets to get to sleep in the warmth from the day and then freezing in the morning.  Makes me want to reach for the comforter and go back to sleep.  Sometimes I don't even remember the alarm going off until an hour later.

So, lunch has been my makeup time and I've fit in a few workouts in after kids go to bed.  It's not ideal, but I get the time in.

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