Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Last week by the numbers and using @BRDSports brace

Last week was a lot of house chores and some training...
It's official, we are looking to dump our house on the bloated housing market.

1. Getting your house ready after being in it for 10 years sucks.
2. I wish I would have kept my deck in better condition.  I'm still wiped out from repairing it.
3. I'm not looking forward to moving furniture for carpet replacement.
4. I'm not looking forward to paying for house painting and carpet replacement.
5. Here's a tip I will take into the new house.  You know those paint samples you bring home to choose your house paint for the rooms?  Ya, keep those.  Because you may not keep the bucket for touch up and when you need to spackle holes from pictures and touch up the paint, color match isn't exactly perfect.  If you don't have the color makeup, you may end repainting entire walls... sucko.

I did manage to get some training volume in...
Last week was the last week to realistically get some volume in without damaging my chances to get quality rest before IM KS in two weeks.

I didn't want to run IM KS with lackluster rest and enough endurance to have a "fast" race.  Fast for me anyway.  So, it was a dance of morning workouts, lunch workouts, family workouts and gym workouts after work lap swimming in the family pool when the masters group took over the lap pool.

BIKING - 104 miles
RUNNING - 17.6 miles
SWIMMING - 3500 yards
TOTAL MILES - 124 miles
TOTAL TIME - 11:05

All and all it was my largest week to date.  Of course I would like to get more time out there, but it was tight before we decided to prep our house for the market, and now it's VERY tight.  That's life, right?

Hoping to get a 40 to 50 mile ride in Thursday morning before work, but we shall see how that goes.  I was aiming for an AM workout today and the body decided that resetting the alarm for another hour of sleep sounded better.  So, sleep I did.

Things I have learned lately....
The way I set and cross my feet under my desk at work causes my knee pain to creep up since it puts my knee at an odd angle.

I tend to get into the work groove and cross my feet and after a while, I shift and realize my knee aches from being at an odd position for too long.  Sucks how a desk job can cause your body pain.  Ergonomics are no joke people!

Had to throw on the BRD Sports Brace last night for some knee niggles.

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