Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Numbers, Warrior Dash and Ruckus

Training was kicked up last week...
And I only got 10 hours in.  It's odd that I thought I was cramming in training anywhere I could and ran a half marathon, thinking for sure I had loaded up the week and when I checked the totals, it was nice to see miles over 100 for the week, but I only got in 10 hours.

Don't get me wrong, they are a quality 10 hours.  I don't do junk miles, so any time I hit the training, it's quality over quantity.

BIKING - 91 miles
RUNNING - 21.5 miles
SWIMMING - 7100 yards
TOTAL MILES - 116.5 miles
TOTAL TIME - 10:02

This week is a rest/taper week for the Kansas City Tri that was recently bought by WTC and Ironman as a part of their 5150 series.  I think they went from 600 racers in 2011 to 1400 signed up this year.  It should be interesting on crushed stone paths that maybe 3 people could fit width wise.  Long course has two laps on that... it's going to be crowded.

On the obstacle course front...
I'm writing up a comparison of Warrior Dash and Ruckus Run.

Check out part 1 HERE.

Sign up for my feed to Examiner HERE to get part 2 and find out who I picked as the top race so far in KC.  Maybe you'll be surprised, maybe not.

Has anyone else raced these and other events?  What do you think?

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