Wednesday, June 20, 2012

2013 Ironman Lake Tahoe, signed up, oh my

The event was announced, registration opened, and it promptly sold out in 1 day...
I had to work fast.
  1. Would the logistics work?  Family, money, time and work... all big considerations for signing up for 140.6 miles in Lake Tahoe in September 2013.
    1. Family - since it is September of 2013, that gives us 15 months to get ready for the impact to the family schedule.  My goal it to get workouts in the morning before work, over lunch and small ones here and there after work taking the kids to the gym daycare.  I'm trying to minimize the impact to the after work routine to still spend time with the family and not become a stranger.
    2. Money - I had to pay race entry Monday.  It was manageable right now and we have time to save up for lodging and travel.  My goal is to merge it with a family trip the week after to enjoy Lake Tahoe.  Not sure about driving or flying.  Driving we will have more freedom to come and go, but with two young kids, I'm not sure how a drive from Kansas City to Lake Tahoe would work out.
    3. Time - My goal is to keep it under 20 hours at peak for training.  It's like a part time job... so the blog and writing may take a back seat reducing to a few posts here and there.  Sorry, you guys get to suffer without my inspirational writing.  ;)
    4. Work - with the switch to a sales job, I have more flexibility.  I may have a lunch meeting, but I can hit the nearest 24 hour fitness afterwards.  My phone calls and email come to my phone and I have a laptop.  Starbucks makes a nice office no matter where you are.  It should be workable.
So with all of those considerations and like I said, 15 months to get it all in order, it should be manageable.  Not to say there won't be some speed bumps, but that's all a part of the experience, right?

Stay tuned also if you are heading to the race, I'm hoping to get some intell on the area and deals that they general public may not be aware of.

Let the insanity begin!

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