Friday, June 1, 2012

Hospital Hill Half Marathon preview

It's that time of year again....
Time to run a half marathon of hilly proportions the weekend before IM KS 70.3.

It's not a huge deal since I plan on running nice and easy.  I'll probably keep to a 155 to 160 heart rate and take it nice and easy.

Once difference from last year should be the humidity factor.  Last year seemed to be 70's to 80's with something like 80% humidity.  It wasn't death on a stick or anything, but it was not comfortable by any means.

For tomorrow, high of 83 with humidity around 50%.  Can't go wrong.

If I wasn't running a half ironman the weekend after...
I might have a time goal.  Loosely I'd like to keep it under 2 hours, but I'm not going to shred myself to do it.  Injury free is my goal.  It's my last long "workout" before IM KS.

Did I mention I'm running IM KS?  Ya... eye on the prize, right?

The race is a maze of streets through the hospital district in downtown Kansas City that happens to encompass several hills, hence being called Hospital Hill.  Not just a clever name... ;)

From their elevation chart on Garmin Connect, you can see there are a few ups and downs.

I've been in this event from 2006 to tomorrow...
It's more tradition now to keep running the race.  I'm not exactly partial to the event, but it's a big deal around KC and it's well organized.  Kind of a big deal.

2009 I ran the 10k and 2012 I ran the 5k since it was the day before IM KS.

Best time was 2006 with 1:49.  That stood as my PR until 2011 Rock the Parkway Half.  Funny that this has been my best half marathon and worst.  Any given Saturday...

See you all out there that are running the race!

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