Wednesday, June 13, 2012

More amazing Ironman Kansas 70.3 pictures

To document the suffering, my wife took a couple pictures of me at IM KS.  I don't think there was one picture of me looking like I was enjoying my time out there even though I chose to train and torture myself running this triathlon.

You think I'd be livin' up every minute with a big ole Chrissie Wellington smile.  Not so much.


Can you see me flailing in the men 35-39 swim start?

Actually started feeling better leaving T1.

Still queasy, but feeling much better after escaping the choppy water.  Bike leg was probably the best part of my race day, even with the winds.
Sure, everyone feels a little peppy after T2.  Shuffling along at 8:30 pace!

Legging it out... this was lap 1.  Lap 2 was a little less energetic.

Is he barfing?  Getting IV fluids?  No.  Volunteer dousing my back with water as I'm resting and finding the energy to get out of the finish area.
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