Monday, June 18, 2012

The week that was in triathlon training

Mostly, last week was spent recovering from IM KS.
I was a little run down Monday after IM KS 70.3.  Picked the training back up with a pool swim Tuesday to ease back into it and back to "normal" by the weekend.

The only real issue is the sinus infection I've got going on left over from my cold two weeks ago.  Need to hit the Dr for some antibiotics.  Good times.

Lets look at the numbers...
BIKING -55.5 miles.  Would have liked a little more, but I was pressed for time and had to cut a few short.
SWIMMING - 6670 yards all in two swims
RUNNING - 12 miles.  I wanted to take an easy on the legs last week, so just an 8 mile run Saturday and a tempo 4 miler on Tuesday.
TOTAL MILES - 71.6 miles
TOTAL TIME - 07:51

Behind the numbers...
Recovery is an important part of the endurance racing experience.  If you don't take the time to rest and recover properly and just jump right back into a full load, you're asking for trouble.

You'll either injure yourself or make yourself nice and sick (sinus infections aside since that's a virus).

Or, you will never reach a peak in performance because your body is in a constant state of over-trained and in need of recovery.

So, enjoy the down time!  Sleep in for a week!  Refresh when you can.

How I enjoyed Sunday...
Someone had so much fun Sunday for Father's Day, he just didn't want to leave my side watching a movie waaaaaay past his bedtime.

Hopefully have some important news to share after 2pm today!
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