Monday, July 23, 2012

A Look at last week's training

Little more...
Little more...
Now that's a scoop of ice cream.

Cars 2. Mater has way too much Wasabi and regrets it.  If you have kids, you've probably seen this movie... several times.  =)

That's how I felt with the training last week.

Little more, little more... there ya go!

I didn't get in all of the time I wanted, but did get a good heaping helping of bike.

Here's a look at the numbers.
BIKING - 80 miles
RUNNING - 16 miles
SWIMMING - 2850 yards - only got one swim in, sadly.
TOTAL TIME -  08:18 hours

I had to balance recovery from 2 long course triathlons the previous two Sundays in a row, but keep momentum up for the next two long course tri's in the middle of August.  I'm still hoping to build up some more bike power to get the splits up.

I also had to balance sleep, family and work.  So, I don't have all of the disposable time in the world.  Plus, trying to sell a house takes time, too.  So many activities, so little time.  ;)

It's been a mild struggle for morning workouts.  I made it up once last week for some sprints and Saturday for a long run, but either our bed is so good I don't want to get up or I'm not getting enough quality rest and I want to keep sleeping.  Not sure which it is.

My sacrifice has been working out over lunch.  Running isn't really an option since I cannot stop sweating in a timely manner to get back to work.  So, I've been riding out in the 100 degree heat and getting acclimated.  Makes you appreciate the AC after an hour in the heat.

On a side note, did anyone else watch the tour?
I found myself watching here and there.  Wiggins won overall and Cavendish took the final stage, but without Lance, it's more about the interesting names, crashes and tacks in the road.  Booooossen Haaaaagggaaannnn.... still makes me laugh.

Lance brought me to watch the event, and now I'm aware of it, but don't try to get each stage in off DVR after work.  The wife and I used to try and watch every stage in the background while we did the house thing at night, but Cars 2 and Kung Fu Panda have now trumped the tour.

We watched the final stage and it was cool to see George Hincapie lead the first lap in recognition of his 17 tours and retirement from pro cycling.

Past waiting to see if Cavendish would get the stage win, it was kind of not as big of a deal.


Now, if only Lance could be left alone from the USADA to race Ironman Kona.
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