Wednesday, July 18, 2012

For those of you about to house sell, I salute you

If you have tried to sell a house any time lately, you feel our pain.
It's been over a month, and only 2 shows.  But, you have to keep the house clean and picked up and it's nerve racking in general in the meantime.


Then.  I miss that mustang.  ;)

Plus, if you don't exactly get along with your real estate agent, that makes for even more fun.

It's like a new endurance sport.  House selling in today's market.

There are houses out there, great interest rates, but it's a buyer's market.  You have to cater to the buyers and have the best curb appeal possible.  We have painted the exterior, interior and deck and fence and we're still hobbling along in MLS limbo.

It's odd since we try to keep the house clean to begin with, but we emptied out a lot of storage and items we didn't immediately need.  We're now (at least I am) getting to the point where I need to get to some goodies stuffed in my mother's basement.

It's also a tightrope walk while training as well not to leave my sweaty crud on the closet floor to stink the place up.  Bikes, helmets and shoes have to immediately be put back into place.  Sweat on the entry floor needs to be wiped up.  Clothes are placed in a sport out of sight but allowed to air out and not kill the nostrils.

If any mechanical work needs to be done on the bike, it needs to be done and picked up before I move onto anything else.

I'm not complaining, just saying you have to be ready at any moment to pick up the house for a showing.  The only kicker is we're not getting many showings.

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