Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ironman Lake Tahoe training already?

They day has come... the plan is in motion...
Discussed thoughts and plan going forward for IM Lake Tahoe with the coach, Coach Bob.

Normally I've been a self-coached triathlete.  So far that's "worked" as I've always managed to better my previous year's results.  It's been a mixture of better techniques, better nutrition and just plain old increase in volume.  But, going from half to a full Ironman, I didn't want to gamble being able to finish and being able to finish upright.  Plus, doubling my volume to handle 140.6 miles isn't feasible with a family.  I need an increase in production from what training I can get in plus a manageable increase.

I think Coach Bob is on board.  I'm also afraid to see what he's going to have me do...
There's already been the discussion of managing the number of events.  The goal is IMLT, not the smaller races in between training.  My wife will at least appreciate this part where I'm racing less!  That's fewer weekend days where she's on loan duty for the kids or looks at a wake-up call around 4:30am to go watch me suffer.

But, it'll all come full circle come race week for IMLT, I'm sure.

So far, so good as Coach Bob his a very laid back and simple philosophy.  He lays out the plan, just drop him a call or email if you need to adjust, and keep on keepin on.  He also doesn't limit contact like some coaches do, and he has a full time job in addition to coaching people!  That's refreshing.

I like to think I'm pretty self sufficient.  It's also comforting to know that I can adjust and adapt the plan to things in life that come up like kids in the hospital, moving, traveling for work... things that you can't control.

We're not starting training for IMLT yet....
But we are going to get going now and get into the nuts and bolts.  I've got a few more events for 2012 after Jackson County Tri and Midwest Meltdown Tri.  We shall see if they fall in line with the program or what will be made of them

Stay tuned as this will be a whole new adventure being "coached"!
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