Monday, August 6, 2012

Last week by the number - week of 7/30/12

Last week was a low volume week due to the Cider Mill Century last Sunday...
That 100 mile Cider Mill ride last Sunday kicked my butt.  It wasn't until about Wednesday until I felt back to normal.  No straining feeling in the inner thighs any more from the cramping or the likes.

It also threw me a curve ball when my usual gym closed the pool down for annual maintenance.  My options were no swimming or to hit my backup gym that was a 15 minute drive from work.  Extends the lunch a little longer than I like.  I managed two trips, but not exactly the distance I wanted.

The numbers...
Overall I was pretty happy with the volume and hitting the workouts I wanted aside from swimming.
BIKING - 70 miles
RUNNING - 21 miles
SWIMMING - 3000 yards - need more time in the pool!
TOTAL MILES - 93 miles
TOTAL TIME -  09:43

The upcoming schedule...
On August 19th, I have the Jackson County Triathlon and then the Midwest Meltdown Triathlon.  These are a part of the Midwest Triathlon series and signifies the end of the triathlon season for me unless I sneak in a late season tri like the Redman or Branson, but I wouldn't count on those at all.

It's already August and yesterday it actually stayed in the low 90's and the streak of 100 degree days was broken by 10 degrees.  It was an odd realization that the summer is coming to and end faster than it showed up.  Don't get me wrong, it's still probably going to hit 100 degrees a few more times, but fall is around the corner.

This week will be the last week of significant volume before a taper for the last two long course triathlons this year.  I'm hoping to get a ride on the Midwest Meltdown race this weekend for some final hard core training and then ride the fitness into the races.

It's been a pretty fun season so far, so hopefully the good times continue!
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