Monday, September 17, 2012

Training numbers and thoughts with @KokuaMultisports

It's been a few weeks now on the Coach Bob plan, and it's safe to say it's different...
I like to think I was ahead of the curve from the "ordinary" self-coached triathlete.  Each workout had a purpose and I avoided junk miles and working out, just to work out.  With a family and full time job, I wanted to get something done that would help me run triathlons on the weekend.

Well, my workouts were nothing compared to what Coach Bob has had in store.  The swimming I expected to be more scripted like it is, but the running and riding are much different.

There's a larger focus on time instead of distance.  While I may not going as far, I'm working harder than I have in past workouts.  Threshold, tempo, zone 2 and more could be combined for just one run.  Nothing is more fun than slipping in some zone 4 work on the long weekend run.

The bike... is a lot different.  I'm coming to realize that I had been pushing too high of a gear for too long of an rpm.  Thus, wasting my legs faster than they would have lasted.  It's tough trying to spin my sticks at 100 rpm for more than 2 minutes, especially on open road.

Take a look at last week's numbers:
BIKING - 42 miles - would have been more, but due to a sore achilles from Saturday long run, I opted to rest it Sunday for a swim.
RUNNING - 27 miles
SWIMMING - 3.79 miles in two workouts
TOTAL MILES - 73 miles
TOTAL TIME -  08:21

Overall not a bad week considering I cancelled work on Sunday for a sore achilles.  It's a nice little flare up that happens now and again.  It peaked Sunday morning and is feeling better and better.  Hopefully I can get back to the normal schedule.  I might have to schedule more 1/2 session for PT with Kent at TK Muscle Therapy.

Stay tuned to see if I can survive family, work, working out and moving all in the same week!
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