Monday, October 22, 2012

2012 Kansas City Marathon recap - 10/20/12

Well, I did it...
I ran the full 26.2 miles this past Saturday at the Kansas City Marathon.

I was wondering if it really was going to happen with the achilles injury and lack of quality run miles.  I knew I would have enough base endurance to get to the end, but I didn't want to hurt the achilles further or have a wretched day.

Happy to report that neither was the case.  I met up with a past co-worker at mile 3 and at the half split around mile 7, he went left to the half turn around and I went right to the full marathon course.  I was happy to make it through with no issues from the achilles, but around mile 13 I was thinking how nice it would have been to be done running for the day.

Mile 17 marked the longest run to date in 2012.  Lets just say that Sunday I could definitely tell this was the least prepared I had been to run a marathon.  Sore sore sore, but got out for a quick bike ride, mowing of the lawn, installation of a kiddie sand box and installation of patio pavers.  Not rest for the wicked or weary.

With that, I'll hit you with the highlights in sort of particular order.

You have to love the creative signs:
  • If a marathon was easy, it would be called your mom
  • Where are you running off to?
  • Run like you stole something
  • You have great endurance, call me
  • Anyone that says you're almost there at mile 20 obviously never ran a marathon
  • You're almost there, don't poop out
  • You're doing a great job even though I don't know you
If your high school cross country team is going to crash the race, don't run through the runners that paid and trained for the race and shoulder the runners as you pass them. Pembroke Hill Cross Country, I'm talking to you.

Nothing is better at mile 23 than a lung full of second hand smoke. Smoking spectators, take your butts someplace else.

I should have taken sun glasses.  Sunny and perfect running weather ending in the high 60's with no clouds.

Ran into Corey at 1 mile port-a-potty stop.  Out of around 10,000 people, who would have guessed we would need to take a number 1 at mile 1 of the race at the same time...

I ran into a past coworker at mike 3 to 7. It made miles go by quicker to chat it up until the turn off for the half.

Spectators are great, but don't yell into runners' ears to get your friends attention across the road. Abrupt surprise.

Pacer groups, share the road and pick a side.

Longest run was 16 miles around 6 weeks before the marathon.  Most miles ran in a week was 22 miles and that was almost 2 months ago including a triathlon mixed in.  Not bad for a 3:52:57 marathon, only 52 seconds slower than my current PR.  That sort of lackluster training plan isn't for everyone...

Post race ice bath, good idea.  Turning both hot and cold facets on at once to fill the tub, bad idea.

I need better comebacks for "did you eat your Wheaties?" besides, ya.  Flying the Wheaties colors will get you attention, I need to be better prepared.  ;)

Nothing better than Wheaties post race.

I cramped at 25.5 in left groin and left calf. I was running it home to the finish with people lining the streets.  The last thing I was interested in was pulling up and grabbing my crotch in front of little kids, so I ran it out to finish line and walked it off afterwards.

With that, a few thoughts about the race.
Half and full get tech tees instead of cotton at expo, and marathon finishers have to buy shirts.  Race lost money on the deal, and the tech tees were pretty good.  I can live with it.

I heard the free BBQ was a shot glass of BBQ, and if you wanted more, you had to buy it.  I didn't partake, just what I heard.

Post race had plenty of what I wanted.  Water, chocolate milk and bananas.  Check.

The course was great minus street work at miles 16 and 17.  The RD was told at the last minute that they grinded the roads the day before, so it was bad communication by the city.  Luckily the sidewalks were open, so I just ran on those.

Aid stations were stocked with people, sports gels, Gatorade and water.  You can't ask for much more other than overzealous spectators offering runners a beer at mile 23.  Um, no thanks.

The course is no joke.  There are some serious climbs in the first 7 and miles 22ish to 24ish.  Don't lay down on the training and respect the KC 26.2.  But, it's doable and a great KC tradition.

You can't go wrong with the largest medal in my collection to date...

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