Monday, October 29, 2012

Some pictures from the KC Marathon

So the race came and went and I finally got notice of the pictures...
Since I tackled the event on my own while Em was on kid duty, I had no photogs and paparazzi after me.  So, I had to rely on Action Sports Images for a few shots.

Check it out.

Wheaties Gear
BRD Achilles Brace
Skin Strong (in places that shouldn't be photographed)
Fluid Nutrition
Simple Hydration Water Bottle

That's the run down of the products that I used from past reviews and sponsorships.  Later on this week I'll post a long term review of these products to let you know how that have fared beyond the week or month I tested them.

But, for now, enjoy these great pictures...

Bringing it home, managing groin cramps and calf cramps.

One of the better pictures that showed up.

I had never posed at the finisher backdrop until now... I need to work on my pose.

One legged pirate pose while hitting the stop button on the GPS.

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