Wednesday, January 16, 2013

what to expect at your first Chiropractor visit

So, I wrote about checking out a Chiropractor for back pain I have on the bike...
And I described my condition and also forgot to mention, I have had my bike professionally set up and adjusted several times to find a better position, but it doesn't really change much with my back pain after an hour or so on the Tri bike.

It's been a few weeks now going 2 days a week for adjustments and trying to keep up with the exercises I have to do on my own.  It's a good mixture of adjustments and physical therapy movements.

But, I thought I would describe my initial visit with Heritage Family Chiropractic.

Dr. Gary and his wife, Christa, run the office.  It's a Maximized Living franchise, and they run this branch in Olathe.  As far as I could find, they are the only Maximized Living in Kansas City.

Initially I was brought in by an online coupon to cut the initial consultation cost below 50% and thought, it couldn't hurt to check it out and get a few adjustments.  Normally, the first consultation is $125 and initial visits are around $75.  Unfortunately a lot of insurances aren't on the Chiropractor bandwagon, so they don't help much up front, but they will deduct the "medical necessity" portion from your deductible while you pay it all out of pocket.  So score if you your family makes frequent trips to the hospital and maxes out your co-pays for the year.  You families with little kids know what I mean.

For my first visit, I didn't really know what to expect.  Was it going to be shady?  Was it going to be a little shack with a table?  I was pleased to see that the space is very well maintained, modern and kept up.  This particular Max Living office is newer, so the digs are more fresh as in paint and appeal.

There is ample seating, spaces to "warm up", x-ray room, consult room and two tables for adjustments.

Also notice the sweet kids area!  That has come in handy as I have had to come over with my kids and Christa and Dr. Gary have been great at adapting to having toddlers running around causing chaos.  Dr. Gary even performs pediatric chiropractic services.

The initial visit required around an hours and consisted of;
  • Discussion of past injuries.
  • Discussion of goals.
  • Assessment of outward appearance by Dr. Gary that was him feeling the spine and neck to see if he felt any abnormalities.
  • Back stress analyzing using a tool that roles along your spine.  Some dispute the effectiveness of the tool, but without me indicating any issues, it accurately depicted where my issues were and confirmed it.
  • We then took about 4 x-rays.  Dr. Gary uses these as his main tool to really see what your spine is doing.

In that initial assessment, Dr. Gary cannot really adjust you yet since he doesn't know what he is dealing with.  He needs to develop the x-rays and see what he has.

But, plan on spending at least an hour for the initial appointment and better to not have kids with you if possible.  Another tip would be to try and hit the office before 5pm.  The bulk of the patients come in after work and the office starts buzzing after 5.

When you go in for adjustments, it won't take nearly as much time and it's pretty efficient once you get on board with the process.

Have a good Wednesday and stay tuned for more reports of my time at Heritage Chiropractic.
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