Thursday, February 14, 2013

It's that time of year! Get the bike ready!

Our father, who art in transition
hallowed be thy race number
Thy swim to come in open water as it is in pool
forgive us our swim fight and we forgive those who swim over us
but lead us to transition
But deliver us from DNF - Amen

Have I found religion, or at least more of it?  Not necessarily.
The local bike shop has a $30 deal for a bike tune-up and it was time!  Time to get the jumpy shifting checked, brake and shifter cables tightened and wheels trued.

Dreams of early morning wake-up calls are dancing in my head.  The anxiety right before the swim, the thoughts of "wtf am I doing here" in the first 200 swim yards, the calm that comes over me to work my plan at 500 yards, the thrill of getting out of the water to hit the bike, the suffering after mile 20 mark on the bike, the thrill of getting off the bike seat at T2, the energy hitting mile 1 on the run, and the longest last mile of the race before I can jump on some chocolate milk and mountain dew.

It's all becoming a reality as spring fast approaches.

I'm pretty much signed up for all of my races but one.  I still have some large details to work out for Ironman Lake Tahoe.  You know... flights and rental cars.  No biggie, right?  Luckily TriBike Transport has my bike covered.  That's a big load off of my shoulders to not have to travel with the beast and taking it apart and re-assembling it 2 times.

Now, I just need to hone my training plans.  It's been a while since I busted out a morning workout before work during the week.  Kids climbing out of toddler beds turning our bedroom lights on at 2am and getting up at 4am kind of kill the motivation when you feel wiped out when the alarm goes off for a morning workout.

Luckily I have become skilled in the arts of pots-kid-bedtime workouts.  As soon as the kids are down, I dawn the spandex and head for the cave for trainer torture or the dreadmill with my shows on DVR.  Thank god for DVR.

Swimming has been tough with the work schedule I chose at the new gig back in October.  I'm planning to change it around to allow for longer lunch breaks to get to the pool over lunch.  Stay tuned to see how that works.

Bring on the 50's and 60's in Kansas City in mid-February!
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