Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Super Bowl, Kids and Trainer Rides oh my

At least I got some riding in during the Super Bowl... 
Anyone with small kids can attest to the absence of training time when kids are awake and running around. Don’t get me wrong, kiddos are the best, but if you have a training agenda and you’re son who is now in a toddler bed gets up at 5am to 6am every morning, it’s hard to get that work in before the kids get up. He’s the lightest sleeper ever!

That’s redirected me to work out after the kids go down at night. It’s been a transition. We have dinner around 5:30, and they go to bed around 8pm. Usually that’s enough time to digest food, but some high intensity work has resulted in heartburn or the need to dial it down for fear of losing dinner.

The moral of the story is kids keep you hopping and guessing.

If your kids happen to be movie addicts like ours, then they might be upset when you want to watch football, the Super Bowl to be exact, and not Rio, Nemo or Horton Hears a Who.

That was our mission Sunday night. The game was on and it was a battle from the start as our two year old kept bringing us the tv remote to turn a movie on and our 4 year old was pushing our buttons for attention. One night out of a month, you would think they could handle it. Maybe not. Maybe this underscores the point we need to get them weaned off of TV, just a little. Like any working parents, it’s hard to keep that energy after a full day of work (and hopefully no one yelled or put you down), driving home, getting kids, dinner, bedtime, working out and any house chores you think you want to get done. After dinner, my brain is trying to check out, cue TV to entertain the kids.

On the flip side, the kids had been sick, up early and needed rest. So we did what any responsible parents would do. We put them to bed around 7 just in time for the power to go out at the Superdome and enough of a break to get changed and hit the trainer in the cave in the basement. It worked out to ride and watch the end of the game, but I didn’t reach my numbers goal for last week. Sick kids sucks the life out of you. Thankfully Em and I stayed well for the most part, or else who knows what would have happened. The dogs would have had to take time off from smelling each others’ butts and cleaned house, cooked dinner and administer meds. Like that’s going to happen.

By the numbers... 
BIKING - 47.7 miles
RUNNING - 15 miles
SWIMMING - 1.14 miles
TOTAL TIME - 6:40:46 - with an hour of strength training in there.

At this point I was hoping for 7.5+ hours a week, but I am getting the long days in, sacrificing some BRIK days and high intensity work. It’s not ideal, but it’s what I have to work with.

Stay tuned for a new 2013 partner announcement! It’s good and they have something special for all 5 of my readers as well!
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