Thursday, March 28, 2013

Have you been training for @RuckusSports Ruckus Kansas City?

Did you know the race is coming up?
April 6th... are you signed up!  You better SIGN UP!

It's going to be epic!

I've ran it the past 2 years since it came to Kansas City and it's been awesome!  They have improved from year to year.

One big secret is that if you are at all competitive, you need to get in the early waves.  That's less people on the course and it's less torn up earlier in the day.  Plus, if the weather in KC continues like it has, it might be a soggy course.  That gets torn up in a hurry.

I have tips below I learned from 2011 and 2012, and next week I will be publishing tips for 2013.  Stay tuned to find out what's the best way to tackle Ruckus from a 2-time KC veteran.

Check out some tips about obstacle course racing.  I'll be writing a few more up in preparation for the 2013 event.
I also reviewed and compared Ruckus to Warrior Dash last year.  Read up to see the highlights for each race!

I will be there racing as an "ambassador" of sorts on a comp entry for helping spread the word.  I've raced every year they have been here, and it's always been a good time!

The first year I worked out specifically for the event...
I attended Rev Gym's x-camp class on a consistent basis to build endurance and strength without the bulking up part.  It was a kick ass workout, but it has been difficult to get in this year.  It didn't fit the schedule while I was working the cube life, but now that I'm ventured into self employment and triathlon coaching, I'm hoping to get back into it.  It's a GREAT workout and a good supplement to the traditional triathlon training to keep us from training one dimensionally that could lead to overuse and repetitive motion injuries.

It strengthens muscles not always used in swim, bike and run, but support those types of workouts and keeps us injury free.

But, back to 2013.  I haven't made it much and strength training has been minimal at best.  The schedule just didn't allow for it consistently.  I do make it to Pilates reformer sessions at least once a month, but that's not going to cut it to make great improvement.  I've focused on strength workouts in swim, bike and run.  Hills, sprints, zone two and other drills to get the cardio system taxed and ready.  It should be interesting to see how the strength element holds up.  I'm more trained up for running this year at this point, but when you get past the first 10 or so obstacles, it takes a toll and you just slow down.

I'll have to either decide to be conservative to stay consistent through the whole race or just go balls out and let the chips fall where they may...

Check back for pre-race and race reports!
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