Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ruckus Run from @RuckusSports coming up soon, chance for 15% off!

It's coming April 6, are you ready?

Check out some tips about obstacle course racing.  I'll be writing a few more up in preparation for the 2013 event.
I also reviewed and compared Ruckus to Warrior Dash last year.  Read up to see the highlights for each race!

I will be there racing as an "ambassador" of sorts on a comp entry for helping spread the word.  I've raced every year they have been here, and it's always been a good time!

If you are thinking of getting in, check out the deal below to get 15% off the entry fee. is offering an exclusive 15% off discount to the event.
In order to take advantage of this great discount, fill out this brief, 5-question survey.

The code EXPIRES 3/20/13.

Happy Ruckus Training!
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