Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ruckus Run, Kids and Coaches - oh my

Ruckus Run obstacle course race fees are going up.
Get in before Friday!  The prices are going up and it's a good time!

Bring your kids for the mini-ruckus!  Sign up and save before the price increase this Friday!

Come Out and Play April 6!

Check out some tips about obstacle course racing.  I'll be writing a few more up in preparation for the 2013 event.
I also reviewed and compared Ruckus to Warrior Dash last year.  Read up to see the highlights for each race

Kids, they're good, they're bad, they're good...
As our oldest turned 5, we notice wild changes in obedience, attention span and overall emotional control.

The week leading up her birthday parties, she was all sweet, complient and it was a great week in the dealings with a 5 year old girl.

Immediately after her parties and off-and-on every day since, she's defiant when we ask her to do something, starts crying at the drop of a hat and can't remember what we asked her to do from the living room to the kitchen trash can.  Oh something shiny!

We love our little girl to pieces, but it's like she went from 4 to 13 this birthday.  Yikes!

I've been on touch with Coach Bob and we are getting a true game plan going for the year.  IM KS 70.3 with Hines Ward and IM Lake Tahoe are the highlights.

I've been working up the aerobic base and we are looking at turning up the heat.  This will also relate to what I foreshawdowed in yesterday's post.  I've sent him videos of running and swimming so he can tell me how bad I really am.  I'm interested to see what he has to say.  Will it be a 30 minute run down or a couple of calls worth of drills, critique and "no way you are reaching your goals with that form".

BIG things happening on the home front that will be a positive change and allow me more freedoms to focus on what really matters, like family.  ;)
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