Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Set The Pace - New Triathlon Coach in Kansas City

Yes, it's official.

The big announcement.

I've jumped off the cliff to be self employed and started a triathlon coaching / consulting business.

Set The Pace Media Marketing LLC - Set The Pace for short.

Check out the site - www.SetThePaceMedia.com and like it on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/SetThePaceMedia

Send me your Triathletes in training
and Endurance Sports Nuts

I will also be working in my old profession of scheduling, cost tracking and project management consulting until the coaching biz gets traction.

I will also be diving deeper into product and event reviews to get you more insight and dirt about local triathlons, running events and obstacle course races.

Mid-May I will be heading to Des Moines, IA, to sit for the 2 day USAT Level 1 coaching clinic and then I will be super qualified!

Thank you to everyone that has helped me go for the gusto and my wife and kids (even they are too young to have a choice) to allow me to leave the cube life to chase a dream that has been born of 12 years of endurance sports and competition.

It's the perfect mix for coaching and teaching, being organized with schedules and training plans, and getting to meet new and interesting people!

Spread the word!

Thank you!

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