Wednesday, April 24, 2013

2013 Warrior Dash Kansas City preview

It's time for ANOTHER RACE!
Second obstacle course race of the year (and probably last of 2013) comes up this weekend.  Time for some Warrior Dash!

Three weeks ago was the Ruckus Run KC that turned out pretty well.  I managed to improve my time and I believe I qualified for the Champion's Heat, but didn't stick around to find out.

Two weeks ago was the Rock the Parkway Half Marathon.  Much to my wife's excitement, this wraps up the flurry of early "spring" racing for me.  This is the most jam packed part of the year racing wise for me, which puts strain on the home front with the kiddos, but Em's handling it like a trooper.

It would be nice if spring would show up...
And it should starting this weekend.  As I type this preview up, it's in the 30's and raining with occasional snow.  Temps should drop to the 20's tonight and freeze everything.  Joy.

But, this weekend is looking up!
Today, suck.
Wednesday, less suck.
Thursday, respectable.
Friday, respectable.
Race Day Saturday, spectacular!

I'm signed up for the Saturday races and I'm looking forward to warmth and sunshine.  The forecast better not change!

There is a caveat though.
R2 gets the ole tonsils out this week.  Nothing indicates that it will be an issue, but should concerns arise or complications such as a grumpy child carry into the weekend, I could be pressed into service and have to opt out of the Warrior Dash.  It one of those deals, family comes first.

But, assuming I race...
My goal is to simply better my time from last year.

It's not a easy task to better time from a traveling obstacle course race.  They change the layout and configuration from year to year, so it's almost apples to oranges.

I'm just going to approach it like Ruckus and run all out to separate from the crowds to get unimpeded run-up to the obstacles.  Avoiding waiting times is key.

I plan on running the same gear (I even kept the shoes from Ruckus to avoid trashing two pairs) and the same strategy as Ruckus Run.  It seemed to work well and you have to stick with what works.

Wish me luck!

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