Monday, April 15, 2013

BIC Cristal For Her Ball Pen

It may not be triathlon related, but it's pretty entertaining.

I guess BIC saw the nitch to fill with pens for women.

Introducing, "BIC Cristal For Her Ball Pen"

So, if this isn't somewhat insulting enough, the funny part comes when you start reading the reviews.  Personally, I like the following.

"My 17 year old daughter was Valedictorian of her senior class, got straight As in math and science, and received a full academic scholarship to an Ivy League school. But she couldn't sew, iron or make a pot roast to save her life. She also had no sense of smart fashion or any interest in her appearance whatsoever. I was beginning to think she'd never meet a husband and have babies. And if she did, how would she cook for them?

One night, while standing in line at the drugstore waiting to pay for my Oil of Olay face cream, I spotted a package of BIC Cristal for Her ballpoint pens. Maybe, just maybe, this was the answer to my prayers. I bought three packs and drove home breathless with excitement. As usual, my daughter was at the library studying for the LSATs. I quickly replaced every pen throughout the house with a BIC Cristal.

The next morning, I came downstairs to find--miracle of miracles--my daughter wearing my grandmother's apron and baking scones! She had some last minute paperwork to finish before turning in her Master's dissertation, and grabbed one of the BIC Cristals I'd strategically placed in her bureau drawer. "Mom, she said, I just felt so ALIVE holding that pink sparkly pen in my hand!" ....The rest, as they say, is history.

Today, I'm happy to report that my daughter is a wonderful homemaker! She's been happily married to our son-in-law, Bubba, for nearly 8 months and they're expecting their first baby any moment now. She gave up all of those silly "career" notions and now focuses on what's important: pleasing her husband and making as many babies as she can humanly handle. She also wears bows in her hair and makes a simply divine quiche that would give even Martha Stewart a run for her money. She and the other wives in the neighborhood recently started a Danielle Steel book club. They take notes using only BIC Cristal for Her pens.

Thanks, BIC, for saving my daughter's life"

That was just one of the 1,150 customer reviews.

Now that's funny.

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